CADAVORACITY is a Brutal Death Metal band from Bekasi – INDONESIA, Formed on early 2012 by the will Deddy (ex-ASPHYXIATE), Ryo (PERVERTED DEXTERITY, PURE WRATH, EXCRUCIATION), Nano (ex-VOMIT LARYNX). CADAVORACITY itself is a mixed words for Cadaver Voracity, We use a drum programming for this project due we don’t found the right drummer to fill it. We started this by the promo stuff 2012 called Promo 2010 by self production.

In 2014 we have signed with most Brutal Label from Italy PERMEATED RECORDS and they did Promo 2014 for pre-album production, the full length album called Remnants of Chaotic Apogee is out in 2015 with Artwork done by mighty Jonzig and the logo made by Malevolent Icon.

band member from left to right

Ryo : Bass, Drumm Programming

Deddy : Vocals

Nano : Guitars


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